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Twitter, Qik Create Problems on Capitol Hill

Bloggers Robert Scoble via the aid of Andrew Feinberg contribute to the breaking of a NYT piece today on the usage and issues around the usage os microblogging and life streaming tools Twitter and Qik. The controversy is around whether or not members of congress should be allowed to use these new social lifestreaming tools. The focus of the piece is on Representative John Culberson, Republican of Texas, who is an avid Twitizen and wrote on his profile, “I just learned the Dems are trying to censor Congressmen’s ability to use Twitter Qik YouTube Utterz etc — outrageous and I will fight them,” The way the article is written one would have to believe that the democrats are in favor of regulating the usage while the Republicans are all over Twitter! However Nancy Pelosi came back with a ‘friend me’ type response, and replies, “I have a blog, use YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Digg, and other new media to communicate with constituents” and that the Dems proposal would “relax rules that prohibit members from posting on sites other than the domain.”

One of the best and promising parts of the article is the involvement of Culberson’s followers. NYT says,

But Mr. Culberson, after taking suggestions from hundreds of online “followers” on his Twitter site, drew up a counterproposal on Friday, calling on House leaders to lift nearly all restrictions on external content.

Qik Video by Feinberg with Culberson

08 Unveils New Website At Midnight Tonight


I got an email from my Fastcompany editor, Lynne Johnson who I’m shocked has not flown to Atlanta to get me for not blogging in a few months. She emailed the Fast Company Expert Bloggers, the elite group which I’m a part of to tell us that the newly designed website is launching tonight at midnight. I promise you (and Lynne) that I have some exciting pieces lined up for the next few weeks. I really have to bring the “heat” now that FC is bringing in “all-star” bloggers (Robert Scoble) on the team…….



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