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MF Sushi Buckhead Making Me Feel Like A Tourist


I went to go meet Dave Gates (Rowdy/Dallas Austin) and Dallas Austin at MF Sushi yesterday. They asked me to meet them at the Buckhead location. “Buckhead!” I screamed. “Come on now, you guys know I’m not a Buckhead fan.” Went ahead and took the trip up Peachtree and was pleasantly suprised by the newly launched MF Sushi located in this fresh new corridor/high end area at Peachtree and Piedmont. Everyone in Atlanta knows the other North Ave. MF was already the best in the city so I knew I was in store for some great food.


What owners Chris and Alex Kinjo have done to this location is amazing and you can be guaranteed to find me there often. Chris and Alex were the ultimate hosts and made the experience of eating sushi yesterday very VIP (didn’t hurt I was with the Rowdy crew). They made sure there was nothing that I could dream up that they couldn’t make. I found out that Chris is a trained and quite famous Sushi Chef and brother Alex has an art/design and web background which now explains the decor and ambiance. Of course DA didn’t show up, so in his stead, Gates and I went through plates and plates of sushi which seemed to arrive as fast as I could dream it up. For those of you who live outside of Atlanta and think that all we do here is eat fried chicken and sweet tea everyday, you should know that Atlanta and its eating scene is on fire right now. So next time someone comes to visit me, please stop asking me to take you to Glady’s Chicken and Waffles, and let’s go hang out with Chris and Alex who do Japanese with “southern hospitality.”




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