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08 Unveils New Website At Midnight Tonight


I got an email from my Fastcompany editor, Lynne Johnson who I’m shocked has not flown to Atlanta to get me for not blogging in a few months. She emailed the Fast Company Expert Bloggers, the elite group which I’m a part of to tell us that the newly designed website is launching tonight at midnight. I promise you (and Lynne) that I have some exciting pieces lined up for the next few weeks. I really have to bring the “heat” now that FC is bringing in “all-star” bloggers (Robert Scoble) on the team…….


Twitter, Microjournalism & MicroBlogging Hits The NY Times

I love it when I have some “good ol’ substance and fodder” for my pitches. Sitting here in South Beach Miami preparing for a big presentation today and stumbled across this piece in the New York Times that discusses Twitter and “Micro-blogging” and its effect on the election coverage and journalism. This is very timely as I’m about to transform a slightly disengaged client this afternoon into a converted soul who will begin to look at interactive media and pr in an entirely new light. I have been a champion (and user) of Twitter for some time now and like my Fast Company colleague and fellow “micro-journalist” Peter Fasano says, “20 posts in Twitter in a day translates into a typical blog posting.” Fasano, like all my other “Twit-izen” Friends have made me feel like my contributions to Twitter count in the eyes of the “social media gods” who tally up whether or not I’m contributing. What is true is that the rules are changing and are your clients up to speed or are they waiting on you to catch up?



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