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Sanctuary/South Africa & Bobby Brown

Are we on it or are we on it.
Told you that Sanctuary was looking really “shaky.”
Now they got B’s Dad caught up on the “foul lifestyle” provision they preserve
for folk who ain’t actin right. He fell right into the trap. Some say he’s a substance abuser,
hoe chaser, etc. At the end of the day he just straight blew it. Good thing Demmette Guidry got out before the ship fell, good for him.

Ludacris is reppin SA for real.
That video will do wonders for their brand image and I guarantee becuase
he used them in the video you will have an influx of folks travelling down there.
I know it seems to easy but somthing like that has a “tipping point” effect. It is similar
to the Brazil explosion that took place before and definitely after videos, rappers and rockstars
started hanging out there.

This Lip Service thing in Atlanta was the place to be but like all great events with our people, someone has to mess it up for those of us who actually had a healthy alternative to the CLUB.

Shaq and The Heat are in big trouble, I hate to say it, I really do.


Feeback From Today’s Issue Is Great

Got some great feedback from INFLUENCE after this issue. You gotta really give us some feedback because we don’t know if what we are writing is of any interest to you unless you respond. I am not mad at even the one word responses, at least it tells us we are on track. Got a great call today from Rico Washington, manager for Youngbloodz who said that what we wrote really helped him out. We try to drop “spiritual” nuggets and glad that he picked that up–Prayin for ya dog!

Our prayers and condolences go out to the family of Justo Faison, who pioneered the Mixtape Awards in NYC. Though I never met him, I have heard great things to him and consider his death a tragedy. May God bless his family with understanding and wisdom.


  • That Sanctuary Urban situation is a trip, it looked nervous to me from the intro though. Did you really think Matthew Knowles could run a label??? Plus it felt like a company trying to do many things well. Overall it was looking very “dot comish”
  • The advertising agency has become the new “record label” for hustlers. As someone who does this for a living, please brush up on the game before you step into this arena
  • The brand South Africa is tipping.
  • Totally forgot to discuss this LeBron James firing of The Goodwin Brothers, that is going to be very interesting to watch. Folks are saying that Stoute and Jay Z are making their moves on the kid. This will be one to watch and I know the agents are nervous right now
  • Got an email from an “insider” Shanti Das title is EVP, Marketing for Universal/Motown, blah blah blah……sorry sis.

Thanks For Checking in: Diana McClure, Shawn Gee (Gee Financial), Bethann Hardison, MannyAlexander, Donald Woodard


Wow, our first blog. What an experience! We’re excited. I think that this will enable us to get more INFLUENCE information out in a timely fashion and that is a good thing. This will be IN ADDITION TO Influence the newsletter, not INSTEAD OF. I hope you enjoy it.

The Top 3 Stories from INFLUENCE the newsletter are:
1) Shanti Das Leaves Columbia For Universal
2) Glenn Chin Is In The BuzzZZn List
3) FaithLogic Lands Vibe Music Festival As Client

Excited about all of these things but of course the last means that we have a great new client that pays bills and allows us to do things like INFLUENCE.

There of course is a lot more going on in the business of culture and we wanna use the blog to have more “daily” dialogue with you guys……

Get at us for more information at



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