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It’s a trip that it has taken me so long to get on this ( For those of you who know what we do, you are shocked I know. I think I really got a little burned out from and honestly we have been plotting, strategizing the INFLUENCE email newsletter which I am proud to say is at about 3,000 key influencers in entertainment, media, advertising, sports and technology. It is feeling a lot like the “former”

What are they talking about, what is the “former”?

The former is Soul an email newsletter/web community that myself along with “co-founder” Andy Platnum and I built in the mid to late 1990’s and later on we sold to dot-com UBO (Urban Box Office). Inspired by a bunch of stuff, I felt compelled to connect the dots between the businesses of film, tv, music, sports, fashion, advertising, technology and show the relevance of all of us who at the time were building the framework for today’s “urban” culture. Before Steve Stoute was “translating” Soul Purpose was there building relationships both online and offline between the people managing brands from Def Jam, Hewlett Packard, BBDO, NBA, Ecko Unlimited and EA Sports. What started out as a hobby turned into a full staff at UBO and a speaking and event scheduled year round. UBO was the financial funding for our site and what a funder it was! We raised over $30M in less than a year….but the real jewel inside our building were the relationships and creativity that was within the 350 people who worked in cubicles on top of cubicles. We were all there as a part of a vision that the late George Jackson had and it proved to be very prophetic as many of the UBO alumni have gone on to do great things. Though the red tape of just getting our website up, and the full staff that we now had access to actually made it more difficult to get issues out sometimes vs the simplified “old school” Soul Purpose method of MS Word, cut and paste, nothing could replace the amazing energy of being around the great people assembled as well as the infectious George Jackson.
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. West 26th Street will never be the same!

If you don’t know George Jackson passed away February 16, 2000 after suffering a stroke. It hit all of us very hard and I’m not going to lie it made the rest of our experience trying to get Soul very difficult. You see George Jackson was THE Key Influencer of all influencers, having been raised in Harlem, gone to Harvard, pimped Hollywood and then brought it all back to NYC running Motown and then starting UBO. More than that he was a great communicator and played all arenas and loved people. Yeah we ended up reaching 20,000 subscribers, had a front page Wall Street Journal piece, launched the SoulPurpose NEXT 40 Awards luncheon where we honored people before they blew up (e.g. Big Jon Platt, Seth Berger-And 1, Patricia Fields, Jonathan Cropper, Glenn Chin-EA Sports)

So in the spirit of George, another mentor of mine LeBaron Taylor, former co-worker Ron Archer, we have been busy making sure INFLUENCE is right. I will be blogging which is where you will get the heart and INFLUENCE the newsletter (subscriber: brings you the news and information. We ARE not what is out there right now (no disrespect). You will not find out about gay entertainers nor peruse party pictures, but instead INFLUENCE like Soul Purpose will be a place to get useful BUSINESS news that helps you everyday.

Any questions please feel fee to hit us at Music, promo items, clothes, products send to P.O. Box 550928, Atlanta GA 30355




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