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Shanti Das Still Loves The Music Business

Got this amazing letter from Shanti Das (EVP, Universal Motown) about last night’s Scream Tour. What I really like about it is the passion she has for the music business and entertainment. Though the record business is plagued by its own set of challenges, entertainment is not going anywhere. It will no doubt take people like Shanti, to stand and drive passion back into the music business

Dear Friends,
We are always SO busy marketing & promoting to one another and politicin’, that we never get a chance to share our good stories and experiences with one another. Well I was SO blown away last night at the Screamfest tour in New York City that I was compelled to share MY story with U!

My day yesterday started off as a rough day at the office. Same ole same ole….fewer dollars to market our acts, meetings about the meeting you just had, and a gazillion emails/phone calls that you just never seem to have enough time to return. Well once I left the office and stepped into the Garden, who knew how my day/night would end up! As each act hit the stage I found myself loosening up and really enjoying the show as a fan for a change. It was nice to have a GREAT seat in the audience and not have to deal with the backstage chaos. Lloyd came out and did his thing givin’ the ladies just what they wanted, then Yung Joc came out and represented lovely for the Dirty South! He brought Mr. New York on stage himself…Diddy and the crowd went CRAZY! Next set, T-Pain came out and sang all of his hits and everybody else’s hits that he is featured on (loved his show)!

Then my girl Ciara took the stage, once again reppin’ for the Dirty South and the ATL (ok yes I’m a lil’ bias cause I’m from the A!) Then the King of the South hit the stage…T.I. He belted out it hit after hit after hit…..then Ciara took the stage once again and this time she brought out none other than 50 cent and his GUnit camp..the garden went BANOODLES!!! He did his new joint “$I Get Money$” and it was lights out!!

Just went u thought it was over, the night really had JUST begun. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS ABOUT TO WITNESS!!!! T.I came back to the stage and of course in keeping with the tradition of most great R&B/Hip-Hop shows at the Garden, brought out his select friends to bless the stage. Jigga Man/Hov/Jay Z hit the stage performing the single “Watch What YOu Say To Me” with T.I. Then Kanye comes out to do his new single “Can’t Tell me Nothing.” And 50 cent returns to the stage, and so does Puffy. AT THAT SPECIAL MOMENT I REALIZED WHY I STILL DO THIS MUSIC SHIT!!! I HAVE BEEN IN THE GAME OVER 15 YEARS AND I DO THIS FOR THE LOVE OF SEEING ARTISTS PERFORM LIVE AND DO SPECIAL SHOWS LIKE THIS!! NOT SURE IF YALL REALIZE THAT ON THE STAGE, AT THE SAME TIME… WAS JAY Z, 50 CENT, T.I., KANYE, AND DIDDY! And if you thought that wasn’t enough, super-dope producer/artist Swizz Beatz hit the stage doin’ his smash “Money in the Bank!” It was HIP-HOP HEAVEN AT THE GARDEN MY FRIENDS….HISTORY WAS MADE..I felt like I was a kid watching the best hip show ever, the FRESH FES 2007!” I am not sure if I will ever see Jay, 50, Diddy, TI, Kanye and Swizz share the same stage again in life, but I can say I was there….Wednesday, August 22, 2007 to witness HIP-HOP HISTORY AT ITS BEST!!!!!!

I HOPE YOU FEEL MY EXCITEMENT AND I PRAY THAT WE KEEP THIS CULTURE AND LIFESTYLE ALIVE. We have to continue to encourage live shows/tours for they are the essence of our music and there is NO better way to satisfy a fan than to see a GREAT show!!




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