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Athlete Generated Content (AGC)

Chris Bosh Behind the camera

I just left lunch in nyc meeting with Scott O’Neil one of the NBA’s brightest young execs. Alright I’m a bit biased, he’s one of my boys but the guy is pretty talented and keeping David Stern executive cabinet looking youthful. So Scott, his NBA colleague Chis Heck, Chad Latz (Ketchum Interactive) and I were talking about life, kids and the new and exciting NBA- Turner digital partnership and I must say I’m excited about where the league is going with regards to digital. I get back to my hotel room to read a wonderful article in the WSJ about two NBA players that are taking the NBA All Star Voting process and more importantly content in their own hands. Chris Bosh (Toronto Raptors) and Steve Nash (Phoenix Suns) have both created their own spots and distributed them virally via the web. Nash used Lola Schnabel the daughter of filmmaker Julian Schnabel and has mocked “Training Day” showing his off season workouts. Nike is said to have “provided one of the two cameras and edited the piece” cites the WSJ article.

Bosh, who I’m told by my NBA sources is a “real techie” shot his viral video for $20 with the help of his girlfriend and brother. The success has garnered his own You Tube brand channel which they say Bosh is the “only athlete with that arrangement”

With athletes taking over their own destiny is there still a need for agents or will they go the route of some of today’s actors and recording artists and begin to hire their own teams and add a lawyer for a little “deal flow”?? With Bosh creating a media channel for himself he puts himself in a great position to be a content creator and not just “athlete for hire.” It’s about time!!!

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