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Terry Semel Is Not A Guy To Be Trusted Carrying The Ball

Great piece in Silicon Alley Insider about Terry Semel’s fumbling of the Facebook Deal. Lots of talk about a Microsoft/Facebook deal right now so I thought this was timely.


Matt Wolf Earns An Emmy For Interactive Gaming Work

I am proud to say a guy I have watched pioneer the gaming world finally got his due props last week at the Emmy Awards. Matt Wolf and his company Double Twenty Productions walked away last week with the trophy for his work on the production of the Fallen Alternative Reality Game. The game is right up my alley of “entertainment geekdom”; developed as an online tie in to ABC Family television movie Fallen which premiered July 2006. Since then a quarter of a million fans have been participating in the game which began with the release of a series of online clues, flash videos, fictional websites, live events and on location video. Players were taken thru a scavenger hunt, interactive journey that tied directly into the Fallen movie. Love it great work and much more to come. I gotta do something historic with this guy!


AdAge Starts The Big Tent Blog Section For Diversity

Ad Age has given a platform for industry leaders to “run their mouth” in blogosphere with the launch of The Big Tent. I had been getting mildly harassed by two of their bloggers Carol Watson (Tangerine Watson) and Karl Carter (GTM) to read their blogs and when I did loved what I saw. Put them into your reader and enjoy!


links for 9-21-07



We are back up after having some major challenges with Google/Blogspot. I won’t say anything bad about Sergey and his boys at Google after all they own the world don’t they? So much going on that I have wanted to talk about I feel like I have been emancipated and freed.

The most recent issue of THE KEYINFLUENCER email newsletter is on the streets and hopefully you have received if not send a request to to get on the list. Last week we covered

  • Warner Bros New Online TV Distribution Designs
  • Kobe Bryant’s Tour of China
  • Dante Ross and Matt Goias Bench in NYC
  • Shanti Das and Eric Nicks R&B Live Event in NYC
  • Stanford Teaching A Course On Facebook
  • James Andrews Now Blogging on Fast

We really have been stressing the move to our new platforms of communications which include Twitter and this blog so expect to see much more activity here and newly launched platforms including vlog and podcast shows.

NAMEDROPPER: Checking in on the newsletter last week

  • Stephanie Gayle (Columbia Records)
  • Tonie Davis (American Express)
  • Ronah Harris (Sesame Street)
  • Vickie Starr (Girlie Action PR)
  • Rondre Jackson (Los Angeles Lakers)
  • Jason Orr (FunkJazz Kafe)
  • Lee Blevins (Cartoon Network)
  • QD3 (QD3 Entertainment)
  • Erin Yasgar (Geffen Records)
  • Brad Fox (Royal Elastics)
  • Ava Duvernay (Duvernay PR)

I must say hello to @namedropper on Twitter and though he/she (still a mystery who this is) stole our name, they are doing a great job providing “insider” information about the industries we work in.

Props to legendary Chicago producer NO I.D. who I met the other night when I was Mac “geeking” out with Jazzy Jeff. Besides sharing excitement about the release of Logic 8, I found out No I.D. is going to join Rick Rubin at Columbia. I like ID’s view on the world so I believe Columbia is on the right track with this hire.

How mainstream is “Crank Dat” by Soulja Boy? Did you see Travis from Blink 182? I thought this was nuts! Shocked? Don’t be, it’s very very mainstream. Thanks to Darnell Jenkins (Jazzy Jeff) for turning us on to this one

Back again real soon….glad to be back up!


Digital DJs – The Boston Globe

Digital DJs – The Boston Globe
Urban bloggers finally getting some mainstream press. No big secrets here on revealing the secret sauce. At least there are way more intelligent quotes than in the “overhyped” piece last week on Rick Rubin


Don’t You Think New Orleans Needs A Presidential Debate?

My classmate and friend Stephen Deberry is an amazing guy. Besides being a fellow UCLA Bruin and then Oxford Business School grad he also is a 2004 Aspen Institute Alumni. Steve is currently EIC with Mitchell Kapor Foundation but more importantly Deberry is always involved in amazing movements and when he called me to talk about the board he serves on, Friends of New Orleans, I immediately realized that he was a part of something really important. The organization which is full of some heavy hitters in business, politics, academics and culture is using its influence and network to motivate people to take part in the New Orleans rebuilding effort.

Friends of New Orleans is looking to bring a Presidential debate to New Orleans and in 30 seconds you can help that come true. The funds are already in place, city has the hotel and is prepared to host. Please take the time to click here and follow the directions. This campaign is targeting your Governor, members of the US Senate and members of the US House of Representatives. Take the time and get involved. Deadline is September 11th.



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