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David Beckham & Snoop To Form Film/Fashion Line

snoop dogg and david beckham

According to The Daily Telegraph, good friends Snoop and LA Galaxy-UK Soccer star David Beckham are discussing starting a film and fashion company together. According to the article the two have been “friends for years” and Beckham has “even been” over to Snoop’s house to teach his kids soccer skills. Don’t read into the article too deeply for info on the forthcoming business, personally I think it was written for “shock value.” You know the typical, “Wow, White, British soccer player is running around with Long Beach, Gangsta/Pimp Rapper from the LBC. Imagine that!!!” Comon. It’s LA, and they are both wealthy and run in the same circles. Beckham runs with Jay Z, Damon Dash, etc in NYC, why is Snoop a stretch of the imagination? He’s a B-Boy and in a new generation that sees beyond those differences they want us to believe exist and are too hard to get over.

Would be shocked if this business ever launches and if smart, Snoop would continue down the path he was going down a year or so ago in Sports Business. Adding Beckham to his “cabinet” could expand his international sports aspirations. Haven’t heard much about that sports business in awhile though. Many may remember Snoop had dipped his toe in the sports agency world for a mili-sec; all attempts to research came up light.




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