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Mattel Joins The CAA Mafia

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I have been spending more time lately in El Segundo with the talented Mattel Girl’s Marketing Group (Lindsay Hollingsworth, Kate Lonker, Lauren Daughtery, Betsy Burkett, Clara Crowder). They are a great group to talk to and I look forward to the potential of more time “finding my wallet in El Segundo.” Mattel is in the news today because of their new relationship with CAA. CAA is another organization I have spent a bit of time with during my days on the Coke/Sprite team. It appears that Mattel is now working with CAA to exploit their properties and make some hits in Hollywood and various other screens. Hasbro already has a deal at WB for He-Man and obviously still counting their money on the success of Transformers. With Barbie getting ready to celebrate her 50th next year, what can we expect to see????




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