Que Gaskins Joins Nike In A “Big Dog” Role in NYC

While I don’t have the official Nike press release nor has Que called me personally, we are here to report that by way of some very credible sources, Henry “Que” Gaskins has joined Nike in some sort of “Big Dog” position in NYC. Since I don’t have his official title, I do know that it must be a big role because Que is no slouch. Gaskins is most notably known for his work at Reebok and Allen Iverson and according to his linkedin profile describes himself as “Marketing Maven of Pop Culture, Entertainment, Fashion, Sports, Urban and Young Adults”

We recently reported on an amazing viral video The Additive, his marketing agency and team created and now it seems as this long time expert in urban culture has joined the rest of my NIKE familia at the Swoosh. Further solidifying my opportunity to always be dressed in the flyest AF1’s or rare kick, this move on behalf of Nike, Trevor Edwards and Mark Parker is a big one. Simply put Gaskins “gets it”, is super duper connected (he knows me afterall…..oh and Uncle Wes of course) and now that he finally works for a great brand (sorry Reebok) will no doubt do great things for the brand. I tried to wait to send this post till I got some sort of “official call” but had to get this out. I also selfishly want one of these Alife Tee shirts and know when Que reads this he will have his “people” add me to the Nike NYC “influencer” list and will make sure I have this fresh tee and my 10.5’s in my mailbox on a regular basis!!

Congrats Nike/Que…..


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