For Twitter A Bad Thing Turned Good

Twitter Whale

Loved the post by Darryl Ohrt at Brandflakesforbreakfast about Twitter’s recent failures and issues with bandwith that have turned into Fail Whale an online phenomenon and current web 2.0. cult following of the moment. If you have not been a part of the Fail Whale madness lately, well maybe you…….actually have a life! What is brilliant about this little “moment in time” for Twitter is that they are being celebrated for their failures.

Possibly the most wonderful thing in the world that a brand can achieve is love so strong that users worship your failures. (Brandflakesforbreakfast.com)

This is what I preach to my clients in my sermons to them. Just get in the game, don’t be afraid to take a risk. Not being in the game is worse than not at least trying something. For a brand like Twitter, they are so revered and loved right now that their failures have become a “viral movement.”


1 Response to “For Twitter A Bad Thing Turned Good”

  1. July 10, 2008 at 2:13 am

    Hey –

    Thanks for making my quote look so important! Pretty cool to see your words in a big pull quote in another blog. Awesome.

    And I’m totally getting one of those shirts.

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