Brazil: Rest Of My Trip in Sao Paulo/Rio (The Work)

It has literally taken me this long to complete my post on my Brazilan trip because of my workload.

What an amazing trip. I absolutely love this country and it exceeded the “hype” that I had heard for so many years. I will do my best to give you the highlights of my trip.

The purpose of my trip was to give a keynote lecture on Web 2.0. at Brazil’s largest PR conference (11 Congresso Brasileiro de Comunicao Corporativa). The title of my lecture was “Shift Happens” and I took the Brazilians on a journey of what is now and what is to become for corporate communicators as it relates to online communication and marketing. With a healthy social media market and growing middle class I’m looking forward to going back to water the seeds I laid down in the market. I really enjoyed the lecture and I spoke to over 200 professionals and corporate marketers.

The second objective of my trip was to help celebrate the opening of a Ketchum Interactive practice at our Brazil offices. Valeria Perito, Wallace Baldo and Rosana are well setup for success and they treated me like a rock star! I had a chance to meet and talk digital strategy with executives from Dow, P&G, LG Electronics, Oracle, McAfee, Visa and many others.


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