Sao Paulo Trip: Day One

Had an amazing day with the Ketchum Brazil gang today. I’m here in beautiful Sao Paulo to help them get their interactive media practice started and to keynote or as the call it “Lecture” at Brazil’s largest PR Conference called 11 Congresso Brasileiro de Comunicacao Corporativa. For 40 minutes I will take the Brazilian PR community and brands on a ride thru current online tactics and social media insights, should be a lot of fun and I’m currently practicing speaking a lot slower as this subject tends to excite me and get me going. Luckily I have lived in the south for four years so I have had practice on the slow speech.

After a day of briefing and my energy on one leg, I was taken to the most amazing dinner by Ketchum Brazil partners Valeria Perito and Rosana Monteiro. They took me to this amazing hotel called Hotel Unique in Sao Paulo which is in Jardins. Consider Jardins the Beverly Hills of Sao Paulo. This hotel is the most amazing architecture you will find in a city that already has amazing old school works. When you drive up the building looks it looks like a giant concrete watermelon suspended in space.

The story of the two Ketchum founders is amazing and they are really a grass-roots success story. Their drive and passion for the business was contagious and though I was dog-tired I found myself captivated by their story of true “hustle” to get to the successful place they are in today. To make the bond even more complete I found out that they share the same birthday which ended up being my birthday (May 12) as well so here were 3 May babies with a lot to celebrate on a Wednesday in Sao Paulo.

To make the trip to Hotel even more “Unique” (I had to use that one) We at at SKYE (my daughter’s name, spelled exact) which just like the front of the hotel was a spectacle. Overlooking all of Sao Paulo I feasted on some original Brazilian grub as the menu was whisked away by my new Ketchum partner friends. The scene, view and food were amazing to say the least and the people, location and company were all beautiful

Forgot to mention that SKYE offered a 360 degree view of all of Sao Paulo. Manhattan has nothing like this promise you. As I looked over the city I got excited about Day 2 in the 3rd largest city in the world. Gotta run, need to get ready to take Sao Paulo on a ride, if that’s even possible


2 Responses to “Sao Paulo Trip: Day One”

  1. June 27, 2008 at 3:55 am

    how can you post day one and not go on??? were twittering the rest or so stuffed from Brazilian meat you could not type.

  2. June 27, 2008 at 4:08 am

    hosting soul train is a dream gig

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