SantoGold Is The Future Of The MusicBiz


I’m so proud of SantoGold aka Santi White. I have known Santi White since the mid 90’s where she worked as a young lad in the A&R department of Epic Records while I was at Columbia Records and have bumped into her over the years in the NYC music scene. She was always the smart Wesleyan Univl. girl who had the great ear even back then. All I can say about this amazing woman is she is filled with tenacity, creativity and passion that you just don’t find anymore. This rare bird is completely pushing the envelope of music at a time when the music business is crying for “agents of change.” She busted out on the scene as a songwriter and was the chief pen and Exec. Producer behind, “How I Do” a great and slept on album by RES in 2001. She was in a rock band called Stiffed that I saw a few times in NYC and though I wasn’t a huge fan, her star quality and experience rang thru. The SantoGold thing is going to be big, mark my words and she is already garnering huge critical acclaim. Her business seems to be running smoothly and I hear she is now managed by Jayson Jackson who managed Lauryn Hill and was a senior exec at Virgin Records. We have already heard her music on the latest Bud Light commercials and her label is none other than Downtown Records who know how to market the unique and “envelope pushers” as they are the label home for Gnarls Barkley, Spank Rock, Amanda Blank, etc. SantoGold is something you don’t want to miss.

Youtube Interview

Worship Worthy

SantoGold Myspace Page



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