Will Smith & Overbrook Back PluggedIn.com

Will Smith and James “JL” Lassiter and their Overbrook Entertainment company have jumped into the online venture capital game with an investment in Santa Monica, CA based Pluggedin.com. Overbrook’s interactive media investments and business is being run by Guy Primus, formerly at Starbucks. I spent time with Primus during his days running P-Diddy’s Blue Flame Advertising/Marketing and always found him to be one of the “brighter lightbulbs” in the business.  Being called the “Hulu for Video” by some blogs the video music site will launch with 10,000 free, high-quality music videos licensed from Universal, Sony BMG and EMI. Plugedin’s founder is former X-Drive founder Brett O’Brien and the company is led by Jeff Somers who left Zillow for the sex and sizzle of the entertainment space. Pluggedin’s advantage is around their  high-definition media player that minimizes buffering, by streaming content in small bits and adjusting the flow depending on connection speeds. Having a chance to play around with the site, it does live up to the promise and it will be great to see how they fare in the space. Having some good ol’ South Philly money with power behind you is always a good addition.


1 Response to “Will Smith & Overbrook Back PluggedIn.com”

  1. 1 viola
    August 29, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    I would like to say,, that will smith is a real good actor.i just seen him with his son on hbo. when he get emotionable you feel his pain. when he tell a joke you feel his joy.when he shows you if you want somthing to work, you try real hard and it will. it’s like you never give up on, yourself.this actor will smith is a wonderful person a real down to earth human being all i can say is the guy is forel and.he’s a wonderful father a wonderful husbad to he’s wife and a respectful hman being peace viola.

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