The Florida Room Is A Must Stop For WMC


I was chatting with my Ketchum colleague Shahrzad Nadizadeh about her weekend in Miami. She was a little disappointed because she didn’t get a chance to check out The Florida Room @ The Delano Hotel. Thanks to my “cousin” Jovar Andrews, I got a mid -week VIP run thru the room a couple of months ago and it is worth the drama. The room which was opened by Jovar and his cousin Lenny Kravitz was designed very well and mixes live music setup, DJ and lounge in a very fly Miami “speakeasy like” experience.


The design is 1950’s Cuba, Miami and Harlem and Jovan shared with me was done via Lenny’s company Kravitz Designs. Kravitz chose bronze mirrored ceilings, Swarovski crystal chandeliers, and a Lucite grand piano that replicates the one in his home. The press release comments by Lenny echoed Jovar’s stories of a room he used to hang out with with his cousin as a youngster.

“My aunt had a place in her house where everyone played, hung out, listened to music and where all the fun was had, called the Florida room,” said Lenny Kravitz. “We decided to create a space with this theme in mind but that also had the feeling of the old piano lounges in the resorts back in the 50’s in Florida, Cuba and New York City. I love the rich musical history of Miami Beach. The Beatles, James Brown and Frank Sinatra all spent time here. We see the Delano as having this same kind of rich history and also took cues from this to envision the place I always wanted at the beach, but hasn’t existed here in a long time.”


So if you find yourself in Miami for WMC, go check out The Florida Room, tell Jovar you read it hear and maybe thru some “distant cousin” hookup you may even get a seat.


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