Is There A Better Time For The Market+James Andrews + Ketchum Interactive?


Over the past 10 years I have enjoyed some interesting days in the interactive space but I must say in a short amount of time my experience with Ketchum Interactive has been the best. Before recently joining Ketchum, I worked at Isobar Global for a little over a year as the Global Account Director and quarterback on “The Sprite Yard”, the highly publicized mobile marketing effort that Coca Cola-Sprite launched. While the Atlanta to London “thing” was an awesome way to pick up much needed global experience (and air miles) Isobar’s highly innovative interactive network strategy was often too confusing for some of our clients to grasp. At a time when the old world models of traditional advertising agencies simply don’t fit the way we “interactives” work, many brand marketers have struggled to try to understand how to exist day to day with interactive agencies. Well that was “so 2006-2007” and according to new reports, in 2008 agencies like Isobar, Ketchum Interactive and Avenue A/Razorfish and many others stand to be the most profitable sector in advertising during a recession baked economy. (Avenue A’s 2007 numbers were up 36% according to recent reports) Not only that, via our efforts we stand to make a ton of marketing execs “rock stars” (if they let us) by providing thought leadership, solid interactive programs and innovation through our efforts. Though the ramps/runways vary from agency to agency differ, the “gi-normous” opportunity is the same. It’s simply awesome and I’m feeling it everyday as I travel from coast to coast evangelizing and aiding in our clients (and future clients) quest to understand, build and innovative in the online space. It also drives me everyday to actually live in the space and “play with the toys” so I can make honest recomendations and not just theorize as I see so much of my competitors doing. Now that the word is out about my new appointment as Vice President at Ketchum, I am very thankful to have the opportunity, once again in my career, to innovative and revolutionize much the same way I was able to do at Sony Music in the 90’s and UBO/Urban Box Office in the late 90’s.


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