Gap Gets Colorful With The Rehab


Had a really good conversation last week with Nathan Brown from creative shop The Rehab. You will begin to hear a lot about their newest campaign, “Color Redefined” for client The Gap in the next few weeks. Rehab, the SF-Based creative and production shop rolled out the web-only campaign Friday at www.thesoundofcolor.com and all the folks I showed to were floored. I really enjoyed talking to both Nathan and Jessica Corbin from Rehab, they both simply get it. My interview took place over iChat and considering that it took place at 2am EST in my hotel room with me looking travel “haggard” from being on the road, I will spare you the video link. Nonetheless I got the sense Nathan has real flavor. It may have been the fact that he was rockin the ill Fedora cap and has had lived in Fort Worth, TX and London. Not to mention when I compared him to George Lucas, Jessica smacked me across the face (via ichat) to say, “Please. Nathan is more Puffy then Lucas.” About the experience working with the producers/musicians/artists on the Gap program Brown says, “All the artists were stoked because they got “freedom” and “trust”, I think it was liberating for them and furthered their inspiration” Excited to see where Rehab takes this program and others. They have some innovative stuff cookin in the kitchen now that I have been sworn to secrecy not to say anything. Also check out their most recent work on Kenneth Cole with photographer Terry Richardson and a very fresh “behind the scenes” of a road rally for Mini Cooper.

The Musicians in the campaign include the following:

The Blakes, a Seattle-based indie rock group featuring brothers Snow and Garnet Keim, interpreted blue in a bittersweet song (“Magic”) with a light, upbeat sound.

Electronic music artist Dntel used the color red to write a song (“Turning Red”) about feelings of insecurity — even embarrassment — that can accompany love and relationships.

Marie Digby (pronounced Mar-ee-AY), a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, who recently captured the attention of the global YouTube audience, wrote a beautiful, melodic song (“Paint Me In Your Sunshine”) about the color yellow.

The Raveonettes, a Danish post-punk duo, interpreted black and white in a soulful, rhythmic song (“Black/White”) that explores the idea of contrasts. (NOTE: My Favorite!!!)

Swizz Beatz, a hip-hop artist and producer, used the color green to record a fresh, energetic song (“Candy Paint”) about a drop top car driving through the streets of Miami.

“Music has always been a significant part of Gap’s history, so we’re always thinking of new ways to connect with people through music,” said Dennis Leggett, creative director for Gap brand. “With much of today’s music being consumed digitally and shared online, we wanted to create an online experience where people could discover new, original songs and share them with fellow music lovers.”

To bring these songs to life visually, Gap partnered with five acclaimed directors to create music videos to accompany each song. Each video interprets color in a visual format and will be featured on http://www.soundofcolor.com/ as part of the Sound of Color experience.


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