And We Have Nerve To Be Upset At Don Imus…

Yes I admit that “Crank Dat” song craze even got to me.
It started in May when a pudgy white kid was dancing in the dvd isle of the Target in Atlanta, singing, “Wha me yuuuuulll.” I stopped and was in amazement as he “pulled back the gears” on his imaginary motorcycle. What’s not to love about how this project was rolled out. It’s everything I preach to my clients and colleagues in the entertainment business.

Viral wins!
Tipping Point!
Long Tail!
Pro-sumers Are It!

17 yr old DeAndre Way started the biggest viral story of the year from his computer in Batesville, MS. Amassing more than 12M views on Youtube and countless other spin offs of the “Crank Dat” dance including the UT football team , a Spongebob, Spiderman, Barney and countless other animated figure versions. Travis Barker had a viral hit a few weeks ago with his live youtube, rock “crank dat” remix that was insane to say the least.

Of course southern slang can sound like another language to the untrained ear; and though I live in Atlanta I fall into that category most of the time. For those reasons I never really bothered to listen intently to the lyrics of the monster hit “Crank Dat.” Two weeks ago I sat with my 5 year old daughter in front of my laptop learning the dances and falling on my butt. So you can imagine how wide open my mouth was when I finally read the lyrics and made aware of what “Crank Dat” is really talking about.

Soulja Boy Off In This Hoe Watch Me Lean And Watch Me Rock Super Man Dat Hoe

Wow, no one told me that Super Man meant to “excrete bodily fluid” and to then stick to a bed sheet and make a cape! Like my blogger sis at WAOD, I too went to the urban dictionary for a breakdown of Super Man….and to think my son was at a Bat Mitzvah last weekend doing the “crank dat” with his Jew & Gentile crew from school

After hearing Soulja Boy on the radio the other day, where even the Atlanta based morning jock had to tell Soulja Boy to stay in school because he couldn’t understand his diction, I realized though he is truly a young, marketing prodigy perpetuating the same ol’ madness that I wish would just stop. The sad thing is that the “dumb country boy” thing is apparently an act, as he clearly in this video can put sentences together. Despite what Soulja Boy and his crew may think, celebrating “throwin some D’s” on your Report Card in Atlanta, Georgia which ranks dead last in the country in education is doing nothing but continuing the cycle.

Is he going to make a ton of money? Definitely.
Interscope and Jimmy Iovine getting richer? Sure
Are Atlanta and The South still on top of the Hip Hop charts? No Doubt
Is This Taking our culture and hip hop backwards? NO QUESTION

It’s sad that a 17 year old kid who could show a brand or advertising agency new ways to market their products, or even be the next Steve Jobs is just like all the other Stepin Fetchit music industry characters that are running around Lennox, Beverly Center, Bal Harbour malls spending 125% of what they are earning on things that are devalued as soon as they take them out of the store.

Love what Russell Simmons has done in his career, and I’m personally a product of hip hop and urban culture business, but is this what you are standing for these days Russell? Comon adults and men in the community, lets stand up.

If you feel like I do about this song feel free to reach out to them in the directions provided by What About Our Daughters

Complain directly to the FCC using the FCC Form 475B Obscene , Profane and/or Indecent Material Complaint Form. If you would like to know more information about what the FCC thinks qualifies as obscene, profane, or indecent, the FCC has a FAQ sheet available. Did you know that there are limitations on what can be broadcast on the radio between 6:00am and 10:00pm? Read the FAQ sheet to learn more.

Indecency is defined as depicting or describing sexually explicit or excretory activities.

For an explanation of what happens once the FCC receives your complaint you can go here to read a Washington Post article. There ARE CONSEQUENCES IF people complain. If you would like to receive ACTION ALERTS about contacting the FCC, you can go to Industry Years.

Also, send a carbon copy to your US Senator and US Representative as the FCC appears to be out to lunch.


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