We are back up after having some major challenges with Google/Blogspot. I won’t say anything bad about Sergey and his boys at Google after all they own the world don’t they? So much going on that I have wanted to talk about I feel like I have been emancipated and freed.

The most recent issue of THE KEYINFLUENCER email newsletter is on the streets and hopefully you have received if not send a request to info@brandinfluence.net to get on the list. Last week we covered

  • Warner Bros New Online TV Distribution Designs
  • Kobe Bryant’s Tour of China
  • Dante Ross and Matt Goias Bench in NYC
  • Shanti Das and Eric Nicks R&B Live Event in NYC
  • Stanford Teaching A Course On Facebook
  • James Andrews Now Blogging on Fast Company.com

We really have been stressing the move to our new platforms of communications which include Twitter and this blog so expect to see much more activity here and newly launched platforms including vlog and podcast shows.

NAMEDROPPER: Checking in on the newsletter last week

  • Stephanie Gayle (Columbia Records)
  • Tonie Davis (American Express)
  • Ronah Harris (Sesame Street)
  • Vickie Starr (Girlie Action PR)
  • Rondre Jackson (Los Angeles Lakers)
  • Jason Orr (FunkJazz Kafe)
  • Lee Blevins (Cartoon Network)
  • QD3 (QD3 Entertainment)
  • Erin Yasgar (Geffen Records)
  • Brad Fox (Royal Elastics)
  • Ava Duvernay (Duvernay PR)

I must say hello to @namedropper on Twitter and though he/she (still a mystery who this is) stole our name, they are doing a great job providing “insider” information about the industries we work in.

Props to legendary Chicago producer NO I.D. who I met the other night when I was Mac “geeking” out with Jazzy Jeff. Besides sharing excitement about the release of Logic 8, I found out No I.D. is going to join Rick Rubin at Columbia. I like ID’s view on the world so I believe Columbia is on the right track with this hire.

How mainstream is “Crank Dat” by Soulja Boy? Did you see Travis from Blink 182? I thought this was nuts! Shocked? Don’t be, it’s very very mainstream. Thanks to Darnell Jenkins (Jazzy Jeff) for turning us on to this one

Back again real soon….glad to be back up!



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