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Sprite Mobile Project Launches…..My secret is out!

Now I can let my “secret project” out of the
bag and hopefully you will now understand
why it has taken us so
long to publish a newsletter. The project I
have been working on for the past several
months, Sprite Yard was
announced last week
Marketing Forum in New York and will
officially launch in the US sometime this
month. The Sprite Yard
will allow teen consumers to connect with
each other by offering a host of functions
via mobile. Sprite Yard will launch in
several markets around the world, with China
already up and running. What’s really
promising are the
“nuggets” of freebies given away via pin
codes under Sprite bottles. Given the number
of Sprite bottles worldwide, this opens up a
host of opportunities to create some
innovative content. It’s been amazing project
to be a part of and I must acknowledge that I
work with some of the smartest people around
the world in mobile and digital.

Sprite is placing a big bet on the mobile
device as the “killer app” to reach the often
“hard to reach” teen consumer. By bringing
social networking tools to the mobile space
and combining that experience with value
added benefits by drinking Sprite, the brand
is taking a new approach to talking to
consumers. After launch, there were a host of
bloggers and media who had a “field day” with
Sprite’s attempt Before rushing to hang the
project it is important to recognize the new
“paradigm in marketing” the brand is
attempting to create. It’s easy to write this
move as another big brand tossing around
money to reach kids.

Sure at quick glance, “Sprite Yard” could be
misconstrued for just another attempt at a
brand to jump on the current sexy word of the
moment: Social Networking. Actually the
bigger opportunity is really around branded
entertainment and content distribution and
new ways in which Sprite can connect with
teens as both consumers and “pro-sumers.”
With video, music, and even print producers
challenged to find new ways to reach
consumers and monetize the experience, it is
brands like Coca Cola that present the new
opportunities in global distribution and

Am I biased about this Sprite thing?
Absolutely I am. What I am clear on is that the
relationship between content, brands and
consumers will and must change. The mobile
space is an exciting space to be a part of.
Given the global numbers on cellphone usage
by teens any brand not taking risks like
Sprite are in trouble. (Have you seen the BBC
special on Mobile in Africa The
question is Mrs. Brand Steward or Mr. Sideline
Commentator, are you going to use your
“influence” to be a part of
the solution, or continue to talk about the

Name Dropper

Melissa Johnson (Velvet Suite Marketing,

Coriya Burns (Radio One, Atlanta)

Caralene Robinson (Boost Mobile, Irvine)

Anthony Phillips (Coca Cola Company,

Jason Harris (Mekanism, San Francisco)

Brandon Cheung (Isobar, San Francisco)

Melvin Lenzy (Nike, Portland)

Johnny Colt (Johnnycolt.tv, Atlanta)

Mark Ghunheim (Mediaeater, NYC)

Judy Mauldin (Hip Hop 4 Humanity,

Dee Dee Cocheta (ABC Publicity, Atlanta)

Darren “Mats” Matsabura (EBO
Basketball/Adidas, Las Vegas)

Jennifer Smith (Sun Trust Entertainment
Banking, Atlanta)

Dan Callendine (Isobar, London)

Shelley DeVilliers (Sprite, Atlanta)

Paul Stewart (Next Thing, Los Angeles)

Josh Levine (Rebel Industries, Los

Mike Caren (Atlantic Records, Los

Matt O’Neil (Tobi Productions,Los

Nadir Contractor (SonyBMG, London)


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