Happy Holidays

With all due respect to those that celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas; (Kwannza doesn’t count) we wish you a healthy, enjoyable holiday. The KeyInfluencer newsletter has grown to over 3500 subscribers. This week we end the year with some predictions from a pretty exclusive list of “influencers” who all think they know their stuff! If you are not receiving it send your name/company/city/email address to keyinfluencer@gmail.com with SUBSCRIBE in the header. If approved you will begin to receive weekly. If not you can always RSS this page. Look who stopped by and checked us out this week:

  • Mandy Murphy (And 1)

  • Katrina Noles (TaylorMade Marketing)

  • Havelock Nelson (Goodman Media)

  • Sharon Heyward (The Solutionist, LLC)

  • Steve Conner (Burrell)

  • Deena Bahri (Reebok)

  • Bill Diggins (Diggit Entertainment)

  • Jill Bishop (GoodWorks)

  • Howard White (Nike)

  • Hadji Williams (Prodigal Pen)

  • Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins (TLC/Chase’s Closet)

A LOT OF TALK ABOUT: Jack Bona (DJ Toomp artist), Astor Chambers, City Of Houston, Del.ici.ous.com, Bentley Fonsworth’s Album

VIRAL VIDEO TO CHECK THIS WEEK: http://www.vidiLife.com/reloc.cfm?cryp=010-1869FC79-781E-40EA-9495-F

NY Times dubs it “nerds in the hood, stars on the net” this upper west O.G. anthem features SNL actors/writers in the current buzz video of the month.


3 Responses to “Happy Holidays”

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