Love A Good Sidehustle!

In 2006, when we come back with KeyInfluencer, we are going to start highlighting unique gifts that people have. Some call it a “sidehustle” but it can be more than just picking up an extra check while doing your “day job” (though we know there is a lot that going on!). No I’m talking about the passion for art and painting that my guy Astor Chambers (School Sports) has. Chambers has a number of paintings sold; or the baking career that my girl Saptosa Foster (135th Street Agency/Writer) has on the side of running a marketing company. We have all seen the “sidehustle” that music “influencers” Kenny Burns, Ryan Glover and Derek Dudley created in RyanKenny in the last couple of years, all born out of a passion for fashion. Please let us know if this is something that you share. What hidden talents do you have and what will/are you doing about it in 2006.

On that note, I found a story about fmr San Antonio Spur and current Knick Malik Rose who has two Philly Cheesteak joints in San Antonio called Malik’s Philly Phamous. Now there are players with far more successful businesses but I appreciated his heart and passion to introduce a good ol “hoagie” to folks in Texas.

Get at us at keyinfluencer@gmail.com and let us know what you do when you do what you do.

Wrapping up this week’s issue of KeyInfluencer and will probably take a break till next week. Let us know if you don’t receive the email newsletter. We are getting a lot of RSS subscribers who I think may not even know we have an email newsletter. Have patience RSS crew, we will bring everyone up to the future by March!


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