But We Already Told You This…….

This was a tough one to keep under our cap and we knew more than we could say but it is “official”there are management changes at Sony. We told you on November 21st about Lisa Ellis being named President. Don Ienner says of her, “When I needed to name a new head of Urban, there was no one else I even considered. ” Sony Urban-Cut us a check!

From: SONY BMG Broadcast
Sent: 02 December 2005 04:43
Subject: Management Appointments at Sony Music Label Group U.S.
December 2, 2005

To: All EmployeesFrom: Don Ienner, CEO, Sony Music Label Group U.S.
Subject: Management Appointments at Sony Music Label Group U.S.

Im excited to announce a number of key management appointments within the Sony Music Label Group U.S. Were promoting from within, building from a position of strength, and laying a strong foundation for the future.

The talented individuals listed below, who I have worked with for many, many years, are all experienced and proven leaders. They share the key qualities for success in this business: a passion for their work, extensive and strong relationships with artists and their managers, and an appreciation and understanding of todays ever changing music industry.

Michele Anthony has been named President of the Sony Music Label Group U.S., in addition to continuing her responsibilities as Chief Operating Officer of the Group. Giving Michele half of my title — President — is the perfect way to recognize that she has been a true partner and major force behind the success stories at all of the labels. This will also allow me to spend even more time managing the creative aspects of the business.

As President and COO, Michele will work closely with me in overseeing the management and operations of the Group. She will also work closely with the management teams at Columbia Records, Epic Records, Sony Music Nashville and Sony Urban Music to help realize the goals of the labels and their artists.Over the seventeen years that Michele and I have known each other, she has repeatedly taken a leadership role in major events affecting both the company and the industry her support and guidance have been central to building the Group.

Over the years, Michele has brought a variety of superstar artists to the company. She also has played an active part in virtually every aspect of the Companys operations, particularly in providing all necessary support for the Groups labels.

Steve Barnett formerly President of Epic Records, has been named Chairman of Columbia Records. In his new role, Steve will be responsible for the overall management of Columbia Records. With impressive artist development success stories, Steve orchestrated an incredible turnaround at Epic and built it into a powerhouse. His creative approach to the marketplace and track record of putting together winning strategies combined with his success at Epic make him the right executive at the right time to lead Columbia into the next great phase of its evolution. In addition, Steve Greenberg will continue as President of Columbia Records.

Charlie Walk, formerly Executive Vice President of Creative Marketing & Promotion for Columbia Records, has been promoted to the position of President of Epic Records where he will be responsible for the overall management of Epic. In the seventeen years that I have known him and from his earliest days in the industry, Charlie has done a stand-out job. Ive never seen him settle for second best. His dedication to excellence, insistence on success, and natural abilities as a leader makes him the right choice to capitalize on Epics many successes and guide the label into the future.

Lisa Ellis has been named President of Sony Urban Music, where she had been serving as General Manager. Lisa will now be responsible for the overall management of Sony Urban Music. Since Lisa joined Columbia nearly ten years ago, I have watched her grow through different jobs and become one of the most effective executives in the industry. When I needed to name a new head of Urban, there was no one else I even considered.

Tom Donnarumma has been named General Manager of Columbia Records. He was previously Executive Vice President of Sales for Sony Music Label Group U.S. Tom will work closely with Steve Barnett in overseeing the day to day operations of Columbia Records. He will also directly oversee marketing, artist development, online strategies and publicity. This is the first time in eleven years that Tom is not reporting directly to me, and the only way I would ever let that happen would be for him to take this outstanding opportunity at Columbia.

Alan Price has been named Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations for Sony Music Label Group U.S. He is now responsible for overseeing financial and operational matters for the labels and divisions within the Group and will also manage the Groups efforts in scheduling and production, strategic planning and organizational matters. Alan brings a unique blend of financial know-how and a passion for music. We have known each other for a long time, and his wise counsel has helped us to set up a solid business foundation for both our individual labels and the Group overall.

On a personal note, my friend Will Botwin is moving on to the next phase of his career. We thank Will for all he has done for Columbia Records. Over the past ten years, Will was a big part of the worlds most important record label, making major contributions to its position as the #1 overall Soundscan Sales label for an unprecedented seven consecutive years. Hes leaving us on a high note, with System Of A Down becoming the first rock act in history to have two number one albums in the same year. We all wish him well.

With the creative talent on our new team, weve got everything we need to continue to win for our artists and after all is said and done, thats what its all about. Please join me in congratulating Michele, Steve, Charlie, Lisa, Tom and Alan in their new roles.


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