Someone asked me what is the purpose of this blog and my answer is this is going to be like the equivalent of Oprah “After The Show” that they have on Oxygen. Just raw thoughts and daily interactions. Don’t expect too much deep stuff here, though it will be the place you get notified of stuff that we don’t feel like crankin out a whole newsletter for. Maybe a new hire, or big happening, acquisition, even a sports trade or two. The rule is though, we are updating “whenever we feel like it” so you can’t get on our case about udpates. If I were you I would subscribe so you can get this blog emailed to you.

So I read this in good ol’ EUR today. I think Lee Bailey and his team were aiming at us! Love ya Uncle Lee. Really though, we are playing in two entirely different playgrounds
*As tipped here in October, Ralph Farquhar
will join NBC’s Al Roker comedy project as an
executive producer.

I’m hoping our “re-emergence” in the market (see Soulpurpose circa 1998-2000) causes some folks to step up their game. Quite frankly I got tired of receiving wack, useless emails in my box and/or going to “industry” websites and not walking away with anything but a 30,000 ft view of a cool album release party. I don’t have a lot of time give me what I need andthat’ss it. And that my friend is the spirit of why we had to launch something that speaks to YOU, the professional in this game. So with that being said, please by all means hit us at keyinfluencer@gmail.com with feedback. We don’t profess to have it all together by any means and in fact we are in beta mode till top of 2006 so whatever feedback you give us will lead us to better product development.

Really excited that my new buddy Anastasia over at YPulse gave us props, love what she is doing with Ypulse.com and you are sleeping if you are not reading www.ypulse.com.

We got a killer team we are rounding out for 2006. If you are a media buyer now would be the time to discuss advertising with us while we are putting it together (hint hint).

Tony Shellman, Sway–Holla atcha Boy!



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