Sanctuary/South Africa & Bobby Brown

Are we on it or are we on it.
Told you that Sanctuary was looking really “shaky.”
Now they got B’s Dad caught up on the “foul lifestyle” provision they preserve
for folk who ain’t actin right. He fell right into the trap. Some say he’s a substance abuser,
hoe chaser, etc. At the end of the day he just straight blew it. Good thing Demmette Guidry got out before the ship fell, good for him.

Ludacris is reppin SA for real.
That video will do wonders for their brand image and I guarantee becuase
he used them in the video you will have an influx of folks travelling down there.
I know it seems to easy but somthing like that has a “tipping point” effect. It is similar
to the Brazil explosion that took place before and definitely after videos, rappers and rockstars
started hanging out there.

This Lip Service thing in Atlanta was the place to be but like all great events with our people, someone has to mess it up for those of us who actually had a healthy alternative to the CLUB.

Shaq and The Heat are in big trouble, I hate to say it, I really do.


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