Wow, our first blog. What an experience! We’re excited. I think that this will enable us to get more INFLUENCE information out in a timely fashion and that is a good thing. This will be IN ADDITION TO Influence the newsletter, not INSTEAD OF. I hope you enjoy it.

The Top 3 Stories from INFLUENCE the newsletter are:
1) Shanti Das Leaves Columbia For Universal
2) Glenn Chin Is In The BuzzZZn List
3) FaithLogic Lands Vibe Music Festival As Client

Excited about all of these things but of course the last means that we have a great new client that pays bills and allows us to do things like INFLUENCE.

There of course is a lot more going on in the business of culture and we wanna use the blog to have more “daily” dialogue with you guys……

Get at us for more information at info@faithlogicindustries.com


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  1. 1 Anonymous
    May 17, 2005 at 12:58 pm

    Informative, I know this would be a long shot but if there was a way to find out about some of the “launches” before the actually launched (ie Ford/ Jaguar) it would be most benefitial especially to the unsigned and independent Folks. But all in all, very informative and the spiritual side notes are a plus as well. Keep it up.

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